The Stayover


The Stayover

This two-storey gabled house located on the southwest corner of Jones and Peel Street, with a spectacular view over the town, has a long history. When the house was built in 1880, it was a two-storey house with a hip roof and the gables were a later addition. The main entrance has an impressive veranda. Around 1902 an addition was built to the west which allowed the joint owners at the time to have independent households. The addition has been renovated in 2018 and is now an Airbnb/guesthouse.

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stayover reno 1 2020
stayover reno 2020

What guests can access,


The front of the home has a private area in which we live with our own personal entrance. The remainder of the home is accessible to guests with living room, a dining room, entryway and kitchen. There are ceiling fans and large windows in the upstairs bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms and a total living area of about 1200 sq. ft. A big back deck with picnic table overlooking the large back yard equipped with gas fire pit. The yard is fully fenced in for children's safety. Coffee and tea are available for your use in the kitchen and clean towels and basic amenities are provided.


St Marys Train Station


The Station is just 5 minutes to the Stayover


St. Marys station in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada is a station for Via Rail trains running from Toronto west to Sarnia. The town of St. Marys is served by 4 passenger trains daily. Eastbound train VIA 84 stops at 08:16, and eastbound train VIA 88 stops at 20:41. Westbound train VIA 85 stops at 13:33 and westbound train VIA 87 stops at 20:23. Reservations are required 40 minutes in advance of trains 84 and 87 for those trains to stop at the station.

Close to The Stayover


You will have a beautiful view of downtown as you are walking from the train station to the Stayover and will pass Tim Hortons located only 2 minutes from The Stayover. 

The Town is known by its nickname "The Stonetown" due to the abundance of limestone in the surrounding area, giving rise to a large number of limestone buildings and homes throughout the town.